Inspiration From Unlikely Sources (Facebook!)

A friend of mine had posted this earlier today and when I stumbled upon it, I thought “Wow, this is absolutely ridiculous sounding, and I absolutely love it!” It is things like this that keep you feeling happy each day, good habits, expressing yourself. I won’t elaborate too much, I will let you take from it what you will in it’s original format! Enjoy!

“Join me fellow Facebook friends and abstract entrepreneurs alike in Random Optimism Week!

Starting Tuesday October 23rd and lasting until next Tuesday the 30th (or hopefully longer) I’m starting a randomized optimism week for myself–however, you should join in!

Why shouldn’t I just be pessimistic, sad, and dopey for this week, you say? 

Well, sorry to burst your figurative bubble made of everyday irritations, but people are drawn to happy people; and no-one should be down all the time.

I’m intrigued. What does Random Optimism Week entail, you say?

I’m overly happy you asked and I am glad to answer. Optimism Week is built on 10 core concepts of not only looking at the world in a better light but simply trying to live happily (and indirectly becoming optimistic). You pick at least three–interchangeably daily–of them to do diligently everyday for the week.

These 10 concepts are called: 

Andrew’s Fundamentals of Not Being Mental:

1. When in doubt, don’t scream and shout.

2. Savoring is caring. 

3. Healthy has always been the new happy.

4. Comparing is a no-no

5. A new friend could be a god-send.

6. Simply Smile

7. You’re so kind for thinking of this Andrew, thank you! Thank You’s kindness for all. 

8. Asking “What made you smile today?” to others is a small step for you and me but a rather improbable jump for a bumblebee.

9. You’re not a bad singer, so sing! Singing at all times has a justified meaning. 

10. Mirror mirror over my stove let me tell you how awesome I am. 

I decided to write this too late to elaborate on the 10 concepts. Most are self-explanatory, but I’ll write up something to have–there will always be more optimism weeks! 

How do I join? Right now, just do it! Like the post if you have to, but let’s get to it.

What made you smile today?” – A. K.


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