If it is Important…


There are countless things we can do each day, and so many things that we must do as well. Not too much of it is actually important to you. Well that isn’t a problem, let me tell you why…

In our work-a-day lives, we spend upwards of half of our waking hours at a job or somewhere most of us would rather not be. We think, “How could I ever find the time to do (this) or [that]?” and we don’t ever try, because taking the first step means there never was a commitment. It’s the perfect excuse to stop us from doing anymore than is asked of us. The problem with that is no one profits from that, and despairing seems to be the easiest option from that point on.

What we fail to realize is that we are holding ourselves back, which is obvious because we are the only “true” deciding factor in our own lives. I thought that being at a job 10 hours a day would leave me no time at all. If you look at the numbers, this seems like a fair judgment. This 10 hour workday, however, did the opposite. I spend more time with my family when I’m relaxing, I make much more time for my friends, and recently I purchased a gym membership and make even more time for that. This is not to mention the times where I force myself to stop what I am doing and take a moment to enjoy the sky or whatever nature has to offer me.

Having less free time than ever has shown me something about myself that I believe is true for all of us. It is the reason that those with the least seem to truly be the happiest. It is this reason alone that we all should have at least a little hope for our lives. What I’m getting at is…

If it is important, you will make time for it.

If it is important, you will make time for it.


You always have a choice to be happy, and you get to choose who you share that with. Be honest with yourself, and stop making excuses. Live happily with those you love, and do what you love in order to live happily. So tell me…what is important to you?


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