Let Us Pretend

I used to play a little game when I was younger. It was something that came about as a result of me caring too much about what others thought.  Regardless of how it came about, it does have some great applications if you are looking to change something about yourself.

Have you ever caught yourself being two-faced? Perhaps wondering to yourself if what you’re doing is right, when it is just you in the room? While I’m sure that is normal, it should really clue you in that something needs to change. You shouldn’t have opinions you don’t believe in, just as you shouldn’t do bad things because no one can see them. It is there that I retooled my behavior.

The “game” is simple, pretend that anything and everything you do alone, the person you respect the most can see you and will find out. This is nothing new, probably to any of us, but if you put the conscious effort forth, you will see improvement.

Find yourself being overly cynical on a Monday night? They hear you, and it breaks their heart. Stealing? They see that, and wish they could help you. Feeling helpless and alone? They are just waiting for your call.

How would you react differently to your daily situations if you took into consideration the thoughts of someone you admire? Would you speak more kindly? Would you stand up for yourself?

This is a way to take what you admire and respect about someone else and instill that property in yourself, while keeping your conscience clean and feeling better about yourself as you grow. Take this challenge with me, and let us grow together.



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