Let Us Pretend

I used to play a little game when I was younger. It was something that came about as a result of me caring too much about what others thought.  Regardless of how it came about, it does have some great applications if you are looking to change something about yourself.

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Ya Hear?


So after putting up the first draft of my memoir, here, I received two comments that upon seeing, delighted my heart like it hasn’t been in a long while. Despite not being a regular poster because I am far too liable to take the easy road and relax after my work and classes are finished, these fine people have nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. I’m completely certain they both deserve it more than me, as well as most others do.

Seeing as how I got two nominations(seriously, how?) before posting, I’ll link to them both.

The first blog is Inspiring The Girls written by a new adult, Michelle. With her aim to empower the girls of her generation, she is doing a fine job so far and staying plucky and upbeat with her posts. The better part, even though her aim is the girls of her generation, that is not exclusive; it applies to most people.

The second is Finding Happiness as a 20something, written by Meghan. While I haven’t had the chance to fully peruse her blog due to how in depth she gets on her posts, it is all very critical, objective, good advice for someone of any age. Though older, more mature people may have already learned these things. I wish her luck on her writing adventures, and to myself on getting the time to read all her posts.

Now to the point of this post…

I don’t accept the nomination and I won’t be doing it. I don’t write often enough and when I do I am hardly satisfied with my work. I cannot lie and say I’ll post more, as well as with better content. What I can say though is I am very humbled that anyone would think highly of what I’ve done and I am grateful for the chance to be mentioned as well as(hopefully) helping someone out. So what I will do is post links to a few fellow WordPress blogs that I frequent and help inspire me in my day to day life.

http://morningstoryanddilbert.wordpress.com/ – A blog with daily posts all providing a Dilbert comic and a great story to kickstart your day, or end it nicely.

http://hikingphoto.com/ – A blog for Patrick Latter Photography. He has great shots and I plan to buy from him, but until then the photos he takes remind me of art appreciation and allow me my moments of serenity.

http://withanopenheart.org/ – Nina Shadi is on to something here. The Awakened Heart Project is one of the best things I have encountered on WordPress. Follow it and read up whether you have time or not!

I appreciate the recognition and if I were anymore regular, I’d have followed through with the rules of being nominated. As it stands though, I’d have to throw some blogs out of nowhere to complete the nomination. Not everyone deserves it and I won’t lie about it. Keep your eyes open though, I will have new material here soon!

A Source of Distress

There are times in my life where I think I’m the same as everyone else. There are also times in my life where I feel like I’m alone and scared and helpless. It is that second set of feelings where I believe I am truly like everyone else in this world. I know we can’t all have ourselves together, no one is always happy, we all have our trials and tribulations. There is always one thought that creeps in my head, day to day… The trick is though, it only creeps in when I forget the answer.

The answer can change and it can stay the same. All of us have an answer, for if we didn’t we would already be dead. I broke down a little tonight because I forgot my answer. Now that I remember, I am ashamed of myself. All I know is that this is an everyday occurrence for me, and I truly hope it isn’t like that for everyone else. It is a heart draining struggle.


You must be tired of me talking about this though, so I’ll let you have it. Friends…the question we always need to hold tight our answer for is this. What are you fighting for? Living for? Striving for?

Don’t forget your answer…and don’t stop asking yourself whether or not it is the right answer.

Inspiration From Unlikely Sources (Facebook!)

A friend of mine had posted this earlier today and when I stumbled upon it, I thought “Wow, this is absolutely ridiculous sounding, and I absolutely love it!” It is things like this that keep you feeling happy each day, good habits, expressing yourself. I won’t elaborate too much, I will let you take from it what you will in it’s original format! Enjoy!

“Join me fellow Facebook friends and abstract entrepreneurs alike in Random Optimism Week!

Starting Tuesday October 23rd and lasting until next Tuesday the 30th (or hopefully longer) I’m starting a randomized optimism week for myself–however, you should join in!

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