Let Us Pretend

I used to play a little game when I was younger. It was something that came about as a result of me caring too much about what others thought.  Regardless of how it came about, it does have some great applications if you are looking to change something about yourself.

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If it is Important…


There are countless things we can do each day, and so many things that we must do as well. Not too much of it is actually important to you. Well that isn’t a problem, let me tell you why…

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Take a Vacation


In everyday life, there are highs and there are lows. There are things we must do in order to progress, people we must talk to and goals to achieve. Whether we are happy with our lives or not, these things each day become routine, and stress does build up, be it slowly or quickly. It is for this reason that there are things we do to get away from all of it, the reason we shouldn’t work 24/7. This is when we take breaks, or more specifically vacations.

It is this skip in our routine that leaves us refreshed, we get to be with those whom we choose to be with and are not forced to be with. We get to do things that we don’t on a day to day basis, or in turn focus more on that which there just isn’t enough time for; i.e. relaxing. It has the ability to remove the excess stress, open new doors, allow you to try new things or maybe even change your life.

This is just your friendly little reminder to allow yourself to breathe, live out of your ordinary when the opportunity arises. Whether you are a homebody or an adventurer, a full time worker or a full time student, it is important to take this refresher from time to time. They say the worst part of a vacation is coming back, and to that I say live for yourself and love your life.

Become a Friend to Yourself

” How many mistakes do I have to learn from until I become anything more than a failure?”

This is a real thought that went through my mind just today. There was nothing horrible that happened, there was no one hounding me, and there was no legitimate reason for such a harsh remark to cross my mind. Fortunately, I was able to catch this and think about it today. This led me to an unfortunate discovery though, thanks completely to a beautifully crafted post by Marc, here. That discovery being that this is a daily occurrence. This thought in particular is fairly tame, and there are many more that come every day.

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Money, Life… Just be happy.

There are a few things about our style of living that makes work or our job rather important. Some of us grew up being more dependent on things like computers, cable TV or anything that is much more luxurious rather than necessary.

It is things like these that cost money that make us think, “I need to make more money.” By no means is money itself a bad thing either; it just doesn’t measure our success or happiness in the least bit. A lot of people get confused right there. Now, I’m not trying to speak for everyone in my generation but a lot of us seem to be growing up, being told that our success will be measured by a good, high paying job that we can support our family with. Coupled with the constant pressure of higher learning and the need to keep up with our latest technological advancement, this is a lot of pressure that keeps shaping our minds as we grow up.

I see around me people taking it to the extreme, where money is what we believe we actually need. The need however, is balance. We need to be able to support ourselves, and if we choose to start a family, it would be nice to be able to support them as well. This isn’t always possible though, which isn’t always bad because it is a partnership, and partners help each other.

Money is an indicator of nothing. It is a tool, and a tool is only meant to help. Money is the same as a hammer, but you don’t see people going around collecting all the hammers and proclaiming to the world “BAHAHAHA, I AM ALMIGHTY AND EXTREMELY SATISFIED WITH MY VAST AMOUNTS OF HAMMERS PEONS, BOW BEFORE ME!” It is ludicrous, simple as that.

Many people have told me that if you are great at something, you can make money doing it. Sometimes you have to dirty your hands to be able to make things happen, and by sometimes I mean damn near every time. Being happy with what you do is possibly more important than being good at it though. Regardless of what you choose, your personal health cannot be jeopardized by it. Find the balance, you can live on much less and be much happier. If you can live on more while still being happy, then more power to you my friends.