Money, Life… Just be happy.

There are a few things about our style of living that makes work or our job rather important. Some of us grew up being more dependent on things like computers, cable TV or anything that is much more luxurious rather than necessary.

It is things like these that cost money that make us think, “I need to make more money.” By no means is money itself a bad thing either; it just doesn’t measure our success or happiness in the least bit. A lot of people get confused right there. Now, I’m not trying to speak for everyone in my generation but a lot of us seem to be growing up, being told that our success will be measured by a good, high paying job that we can support our family with. Coupled with the constant pressure of higher learning and the need to keep up with our latest technological advancement, this is a lot of pressure that keeps shaping our minds as we grow up.

I see around me people taking it to the extreme, where money is what we believe we actually need. The need however, is balance. We need to be able to support ourselves, and if we choose to start a family, it would be nice to be able to support them as well. This isn’t always possible though, which isn’t always bad because it is a partnership, and partners help each other.

Money is an indicator of nothing. It is a tool, and a tool is only meant to help. Money is the same as a hammer, but you don’t see people going around collecting all the hammers and proclaiming to the world “BAHAHAHA, I AM ALMIGHTY AND EXTREMELY SATISFIED WITH MY VAST AMOUNTS OF HAMMERS PEONS, BOW BEFORE ME!” It is ludicrous, simple as that.

Many people have told me that if you are great at something, you can make money doing it. Sometimes you have to dirty your hands to be able to make things happen, and by sometimes I mean damn near every time. Being happy with what you do is possibly more important than being good at it though. Regardless of what you choose, your personal health cannot be jeopardized by it. Find the balance, you can live on much less and be much happier. If you can live on more while still being happy, then more power to you my friends.